As Mad As Hell Paul Casselle

In this second book of the Bedfellows series we follow Joseph Miller, a rogue MI6 agent who is using every resource he can to hunt down the culprits behind the New World Order. But he is a man battling with his own internal demons as well as the One Percenters.

This is a highly entertaining and very well thought out spy novel. It draws on real events – the 9/11 attack – as Joseph tries to expose those behind the conspiracy theories. Using elaborate and very clever illusions, Joseph and his friends attempt to rob one of the One Percenters so they can then persuade him to make public his insider knowledge of the attack on the twin towers.

Mr Casselle’s development as an author is clear to see in this intriguing novel. The plot is intricate, his characters are believable and there are lots of unseen twists and turns. Joseph is particularly well drawn and in this novel we learn a lot more about him, his past as an MI6 agent, how he views the world and his loyalty to his small circle of friends. The type of man you’d much rather have on your side, rather than an enemy. The dialogue is crisp and on point and the background explanations are clear and concise.

As Mad As Hell is a great read and I look forward to reading Part 3!

Historical Thriller

Agent of Death John Drake

A young and near-genius German scientist has developed a formula for a chemical agent with the potential to wipe out whole cities in one sweep of an aircraft. The staff at Bletchley Park and Downing Street need to know as much as possible about this Mem Tav, and how to eradicate it and the threat it poses. David Landau, a first generation English–Polish Jew, now an officer in the RAF, is tasked with the job of uncovering everything he can about Mem Tav.

This book is a secret nugget of gold amongst the many eBook offerings in the Amazon store. Written in an entirely believable style, with wit, historical realism and not too much scientific or military stuff, this is a tour-de-force of a WWII tale of daring-do and spying. It deserves a wider readership and I have no hesitation in recommending this book. Any chance of more David Landau adventures please Mr Drake?

I received a copy of the novel from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Click on the cover to go to the Amazon page for this book.


Cold Legion Simon Clark

This is a thriller that is an intriguing look at how brainwashing can affect people. Ben Malton was a regular guy. A lovely home in Yorkshire, married, two children and a job he loved. He had always considered himself fortunate that he had been raised not only by his parents, but also by his aunt and uncle. He had the ideal life. Until his world was ripped apart by the disappearance of his father. The police said it was suicide. Uncle Karl knows different. And now, people all over the world are reactivating.

Ben is thrust into a chase across Europe to find his father and deal with the ever increasing number of former agents being reactivated. No good thriller would be without a bad element and Simon Clark gives us that in spades. This novel is ultimately a fight against good and evil and it’s up to the reader to draw their own conclusions about the resolution.

I received a copy of this novel from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Click on the picture to go to the Amazon book page.