Legal thrillers

An Invisible Client Victor Methos

For high-powered personal injury attorney Noah Byron, the good things in life come with a price tag—cars, houses, women. That’s why he represents only cases that come with the possibility of a nice cut of the action. But as a favor to his ex-wife, he meets with the mother of twelve-year-old Joel, a boy poisoned by tainted children’s medicine. While the official story is that a psycho tampered with bottles, the boy’s mother believes something much more sinister is at work…and the trail leads right back to the pharmaceutical company.

I’m a sucker for a legal thriller, John Grisham, Scott Turrow et al and this one didn’t disappoint. All the elements were there; a big bad corporation, a lawyer determined to find the truth no matter what the cost and a family who didn’t deserve what had befallen them. Good storytelling. Strong plot. And an author who knows his onions. A great read!

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