Wendy Cartmell

Author of the Sgt Major Crane crime thrillers

In this second book of the Bedfellows series we follow Joseph Miller, a rogue MI6 agent who is using every resource he can to hunt down the culprits behind the New World Order. But he is a man battling with his own internal demons as well as the One Percenters.

This is a highly entertaining and very well thought out spy novel. It draws on real events – the 9/11 attack – as Joseph tries to expose those behind the conspiracy theories. Using elaborate and very clever illusions, Joseph and his friends attempt to rob one of the One Percenters so they can then persuade him to make public his insider knowledge of the attack on the twin towers.

Mr Casselle’s development as an author is clear to see in this intriguing novel. The plot is intricate, his characters are believable and there are lots of unseen twists and turns. Joseph is particularly well drawn and in this novel we learn a lot more about him, his past as an MI6 agent, how he views the world and his loyalty to his small circle of friends. The type of man you’d much rather have on your side, rather than an enemy. The dialogue is crisp and on point and the background explanations are clear and concise.

As Mad As Hell is a great read and I look forward to reading Part 3!

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