Perfect Bones A J Waines

Perfect Bones (Samantha Willerby Mystery #3)Perfect Bones by A.J. Waines
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When art student, Aiden Blake, witnesses a gruesome attack on a London towpath, the police need him to identify the assailant without delay. But there’s a problem: refusing to leave his canal boat and traumatised by the shock, Aiden is rendered mute by the horror of the event and can’t speak to anyone.

In a desperate bid to gain vital information before Aiden’s memories fade, The Met call in Clinical Psychologist and trauma expert, Dr Samantha Willerby, giving her only seven days to get a result. When Aiden finally starts to communicate through his art, however, the images he produces are not what anyone expects and before Sam can make sense of them, another murder takes place.

Long being a fan of AJ Waines’ writing, I was really looking forward to reading Perfect Bones, and it didn’t disappoint. The psychologist Sam is a great central character, and that’s because of her flaws. She isn’t some behaviourist, who takes one look at the evidence and reels off the characterises of the killer. She focuses on the witness, Aiden, who himself is a victim. I have to agree that there were lots of psychological references, something that has put some people off the book. However, I loved these vignettes, which gave the reader added insights into Sam’s reasoning and thinking behind her actions. It showed Ms Waines’ knowledge of her subject and for me added an extra element of realism to the book.

The plot was tight and well planned. At times it reminded me of an Agatha Christie type murder mystery. I shouted, ’No don’t do that!’ in places, as Sam went that one step further to trying to find the killer.

So if you enjoy crime fiction, Perfect Bones would be a perfect addition to your reading list.

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