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Watching EdieWatching Edie by Camilla Way

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Edie is the friend that Heather has always craved. But one night, it goes terrifyingly wrong. And what started as an innocent friendship ends in two lives being destroyed.
Sixteen years later, Edie is still rebuilding her life. But Heather isn’t ready to let her forget so easily. It’s no coincidence that she shows up when Edie needs her most.
This is a story of friendship wasted and lives wasted. In some respects, it is a very sad reflection on our society today with families torn apart and children ignored. The author tells the story from two timeframes, before and after. I did find it difficult to begin with to work out which girl was telling her story as there was insufficient difference between the two voices. However, I persevered and was so glad I did. This was a difficult read on an emotional level and at times was simply depressing, which I imagine was precisely what the author wanted to achieve. The conclusion came out of the left field, but was very apt.
I really enjoyed this book on many levels and loved/hated the characters and their families by turn. A very clever, well executed story. Highly recommended.
I received a copy of this novel via Netgalley.

Watching Edie is available from Amazon here.

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